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Do not flame other users.

Here at Rock It we strongly encourage quality posting. Therefore, if you're not making quality posts around the forum, we will most likely ask you to put more into your posts.

Do not impersonate or ask to be a mod and/or admin. Asking will get you nowhere, we choose who we think is right. Also, posts regarding yourself to becoming a mod is also against our policy.

Do not hijack/try to take over someone else's posts.
Nudity will not be tolerated, any pictures consisting of this will result in that users immediate ban. This also includes any links that may result in pornographic sites or redirects you to pornography.

We highly advise you NOT TO POST PERSONAL INFORMATION. This consists of pictures, last names, your exact location and so forth. If you choose to provide personal information please remember that this is a public forum and you're only putting yourself at risk.

Respect all other members and their opinions.

We cannot be help responsible for other people's actions, therefore, if something that is offensive to you gets posted here you may report the post and contact an administrator about it.

As a member you are allowed 2 warnings before you are banned, and after your second warning you will be temporarily banned for 7 days. If you violate the rules again you will be permanently banned(once again, nude pictures WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BAN).

Refrain form using bad language, the common word's such as damn, ass, etc. are permitted. For the most part we try to keep severe language out of it, as it may offend some users. Be careful even with the permitted words, if asked to stop, repsect their request.

Lastly, do enjoy yourself on the forum because we are so glad to have you with us!

For now this is all we ask of our members. Bear these things in mind, they're not very hard to understand and follow. We shoot to keep the site enjoyable and appropriate for all ages.

*These Rules and Regulations can be reviewed in the Rock It Specifics area in Rules and Regulations.

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